People of BhutanBhutan has a population of a little more than 7M. The inhabitants are known as “Drukpas” and comprises three ethnicities:

First, the Sarchops who reside in Eastern Bhutan are said to be the original inhabitants of the country. They speak Sarchopkha and are an easygoing, friendly people. Their roots lie in North Burma and Northeast India.

Second are the Ngalops or Westerners, who migrated from the Tibetan plains in the 19th century bringing with them Buddhism. They speak Dzongkha, the national language.

Third, are the Lhotshampas of Nepalese origin who settled in Bhutan in the early 20th century when they came looking for agricultural land and work. They are predominantly Hindus and speak Lhotshampkha or Nepali.

Bhutanese men and women enjoy equal socio-economic rights. Until recently, polygamy was accepted in Bhutan but with education and modernization, this trend seems to be slowly dying out. When a man and woman marry, the husband usually moves to his wife’s place and a woman usually inherits her ancestral property in the case of Sarchops and Ngalops.

Bhutanese society is a fairly liberal society and does not impose many social taboos on its members.

The Bhutanese are known to be kind, generous and friendly while also being a hardy mountain people.